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CMI Compass Study

CMI Compass Study

6 thoughts on “CMI Compass Study

  1. As a nurse I think that the direct advertising of pharmaceuticals directly to patients is both unethical and does a disservice to the patient, Should we be advertising serious drugs for serious conditions with serious side effects like we advertise for fast food? I think not. People are given a small amount of info on these drugs and basically sold a “bill of goods” . I don’t think they even understand what the drug is for sometimes.
    It’s a disturbing trend In healthcare to see profits triumph over providing better and lower-cost medicine.
    I don’t think this is the way to deliver good healthcare in our country. When you put profits ahead of people it can have dire consequences. Where are the “gatekeepers” in this situation?
    I believe pharmaceutical companies can be quite profitable as they exercise restraint and ethical standards in their advertising practices’

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