Why pharma is sales driven

KEY TAKEAWAY: Harvard Business Review found that sales performance is highly correlated with promotion to management. For salespeople, each higher sales rank corresponds to about a 15% higher probability of being promoted to sales management. But, sales performance is actually negatively correlated with performance as a sales manager: when a salesperson is promoted, each higher sales rank is correlated with a 7.5% decline in the performance of each of the manager’s subordinates following the promotion. We found similar results regardless of whether salespeople were promoted to their own team or to new teams. In other words, firms tend to promote top sales workers into management, even though they become the worst managers. Continue reading

Why won’t pharma work on the foundation before building a house?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma websites have high bounce rates and less time on the site because their target audience isn’t finding what they need and the homepage looks like a medical journal ad.  Before pharma companies can even talk about exploring new digital channels they need to get their websites right. Continue reading