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Is the future of pharma marketing all online ?

digitalpharmaWe have all seen the data: physicians are spending more time online and consumers are turning to the Internet for health information in greater numbers.  At the same time sales people are spending less time with physicians, more and more magazines are going to online editions and consumers are time-shifting prime time programming to watch TV shows when THEIR schedule permits.   So then is all of pharma marketing offline marketing on life support ? Continue reading

How are consumers using social media for health?

pewinternetAccording to  Pew Internet as of May 2013, almost three quarters (72%) of online U.S. adults use social networking sites, up from 67% in late 2012. When we first started asking about social networking sites in February 2005, just 8% of online adults said they used social networking sites. In addition six out of ten internet users ages 50-64 are social networking site users, as are 43% of those ages 65 and older. However there is a huge difference between actually posting on a social media site versus reading others posts. Continue reading