Social media: What patients want

KEY TAKEAWAY: Patients and caregivers want to better understand chronic health conditions and, more importantly, what to expect when evaluating different treatment options.  With the increase in “fake news” pharma companies have an opportunity to really engage their audience if they can think beyond “what’s the ROI?”. Continue reading

Social media is not going to save DTC marketing

pharma-social-e1327686232762-290x250If you search the Web you’re going to find a lot of statistics on social media and health, but what you’re not going to find is how and why people are using social media for health.  The truth is we really don’t know how consumers are using social media when it comes to making health choices. There is a lot of work, research, to be done, but according to Kelton only 6% of visits to a pharma site were from social media.  However, here are some reasons to even question that data point. Continue reading

False information via social media and prescription drugs

SM-ScaredyCatKEY TAKEAWAY: False information is a problem with social media so much that Facebook is trying to stop false news stories at the sources.  But what about all the bad information when it comes to healthcare?  In most cases, it’s consumers who are left to sort out what is true and what is false, but we all suffer when it leads to a patient not getting help on a small problem that can lead to a huge medical issue.
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