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False information via social media and prescription drugs

SM-ScaredyCatKEY TAKEAWAY: False information is a problem with social media so much that Facebook is trying to stop false news stories at the sources.  But what about all the bad information when it comes to healthcare?  In most cases, it’s consumers who are left to sort out what is true and what is false, but we all suffer when it leads to a patient not getting help on a small problem that can lead to a huge medical issue.
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Social media and pharma

business-opportunityKEY TAKEAWAY:  A majority of U.S. adults – 62% – get news on social media, and 18% do so often, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. In 2012, based on a slightly different question, 49% of U.S. adults reported seeing news on social media.  But does social media represent an opportunity for pharma? Continue reading