Time spent on the mobile web continued to decline (Implications for DTC Marketers)

e-patientNative apps command about 86 percent of U.S. consumers’ mobile time, or about six times more than the mobile web does, according to a mobile analytics report by Flurry.  But what exactly is mobile and do people use mobile devices, tablets and Smartphones, the same way?   From preliminary research the answer to that question would be “no”.Time spent on a mobile device by the average US consumer has risen to 2 hrs and 42 minutes per day from 2 hrs and 38 minutes per day in March of 2013. Apps continued to cement their lead, and commanded 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time, or 2 hrs and 19 minutes per day. Time spent on the mobile web continued to decline and averaged just 14% of the US mobile consumer’s time, or 22 minutes per day. The data tells a clear story that apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile, and the browser has become a single application swimming in a sea of apps. Continue reading »

Pharma: Best to have 1 emarketing person per brand

pharmaemarketingWhile I understand that most pharma companies are under a lot of budget pressures due to increasing costs of drug development and some big name brands coming off patent it’s essential that your digital marketing is done by someone who has in depth knowledge of the brands target audience and its customers. Continue reading »

Developing a great branded healthcare website (Part-1)

websiteToday’s consumers don’t just question, they challenge and flat out reject the irrelevant, unnecessary, and insulting.  Yet a lot of pharma and biotech websites don’t talk to people, rather they read like a drug label or worse, a used car salesperson.  It’s ironic that an industry so entrenched in processes often can’t develop a great online branded experience. Continue reading »

Why pharma marketers must focus more on content

google-hummingbird-featured-300x142According to Search Engine Land “if there’s ever been any question that SEO marketers need to put user needs first, 2013 was the year the search engines made it clear. Nearly every innovation in search — algorithm updates like Google Hummingbird, SERP enhancements, social integrations — was aimed at creating a better experience for the searcher. These innovations require SEO marketers to think more closely about the value their content creates for users and to take the technical steps that communicate that value to the search engines. ”  What this means for DTC marketers is that a lot of money used for search engine marketing could be wasted. Continue reading »

How much should pharma spend on digital marketing ?

Building_a_dot_com_0300pxI’m getting a lot of calls with the age old question “how much should I budget in 2014 for digital marketing ?”.  The answer to that is complex and largely depends on on the demographics, psychographics and technographics of your target audience.  Any digital marketing initiatives need to have a straight line to your brand objectives but within digital marketing there are a number of tactics that you can use but not all are going to provide a good ROI.  Here are some tactics that you should review in 2014.. Continue reading »

Pharma: Leadership is the most decisive factor for a digital program’s success or failure.

Small-Ad-Agency-AdvantageAccording to McKinsey Global Survey results executives most often attribute the success of digital programs to managerial factors—senior management’s interest and attention, internal leadership, good program management, and alignment between organizational structure and goals— and are less likely to cite any technical considerations.  In fact across most of the C-suite, larger shares of respondents report that their companies’ senior executives are now supporting and getting involved in digital initiatives.  However this is an area where pharma still lags badly. Continue reading »

Which digital tactics provide the greatest ROI for pharma marketers?

digitalmarketingAs the drug industry gets ready to invest more money into digital marketing to cut costs and increase efficiencies they have a lot of tactic available to them.  Digital marketing, today, isn’t just getting up a website it’s a combination of understanding how consumers are using the digital channel to research and make healthcare decisions.  The number one tactic that provides the greatest ROI for pharma marketers continues to be a branded pharma website but there is considerable room for improvement. Continue reading »

Is pharma prepared for more investment in digital ?

Image-Disease-Health-Keys-ID-10094991The good news is that pharma companies are planning to invest more money into digital marketing, the bad news is that pharma is planning to invest more money into digital marketing.  With most pharma companies continuing to layoff people and the demand for digital marketers increasing I wonder if pharma can attract digital marketing people and start building capabilities.  They could of course rely on agencies but most agencies don’t have the patience or time to educate marketers on what should be done to engage empowered patients.  Continue reading »