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Stating the obvious

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: According to research by Deloitte Consulting and the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), mobile apps published by pharma companies for physicians average just 100 to 5,000 installs in the Google Play store compared to 1m to 5m installs for apps targeting physicians published by third parties. Gee, ya think? Continue reading »

Developing a pharma website…

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The first step in developing a pharma website is to ask “who is our audience?” and “what our objectives?”.  Yet, too many pharma websites remain in the past and try to sell patients who are consumers of healthcare. Continue reading »

Pharma website usability

Unknown-1KEY TAKEAWAY: The most important element in any website development is “usability studies”.  Without asking your target audience how they like your website you are trying to find a pin in a dark room. Continue reading »

Do you need a Global eMarketing Group?

InsightKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital marketing is healthcare is becoming more important all over the globe.  To ensure that your brand has a “global” online presence digital marketers need to provide OUS affiliates with tools to easily manage websites. Continue reading »

Patient engagement and DTC marketing

Avoiding a Pitfall - Arrow Man Jumps Over HoleKEY TAKEAWAY: 30% of social media users prefer social care to phoning customer service and this is happening across age groups and income brackets: 17% of people older than 55 prefer social media over the telephone for service, and nearly half of people earning more than $200k per year prefer social media over live interactions for customer service. Continue reading »

Effective patient relationship management

KEY TAKEAWAY: Effective patient relationship management can be very effective in both recruiting new patients and compliance, but in order for it to really provide a good ROI you have to think of patient segments, a lot of patient segments. Continue reading »

Pharma and social media: A qualitative look

analysis social mediaKEY TAKEAWAY: Analysis of two social media accounts, Twitter and Pinterest, show that the majority of followers were either industry people (media, agencies) and that patent followers were not engaging with the pharma brand. However levels of engagement vary by condition. Continue reading »