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What is a “successful commercialization” pharma exec look like?

peak_17538098_ver1.0_640_480KEY TAKEAWAY: For those of us who have worked in pharma for many years the term “successful commercialization pharma executive” means one thing; increased sales of a prescription drug.  While that is the objective of any prescription drug the means to successful commercialization say a lot about the trouble within our industry.

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Health startups: Caution

startup failsKEY TAKEAWAY: Within 3 years, 92% of startups failed. Of those who failed 74%, failed due to premature scaling.  Premature scaling means spending money on marketing, hiring etc. either before you found a working business model (you acquire users for less than the revenue they bring) or in general spending too fast while failing to secure further financing. Nowhere is more true than in health care startups. Continue reading