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Patient Insights: Which insights are actionable?

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC marketers can quickly be buried in patient insight data, but deciding which insights are actionable can be a challenge.  It’s essential that marketers establish processes to quantify patient insights so that they can be leveraged into opportunities. Continue reading »

EHRs are typically hard to use

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Many doctors of spending several extra hours each day entering data to EHRs and EHRs often do not provide access to other clinical resources, so doctors need to use multiple systems. Continue reading »

The hype and bull in healthcare

lets-cut-bullshitPOST SUMMARY: The hype and bullshit in healthcare have never been deeper.  If healthcare is to evolve the simple formula is to make is revolve around patients not apps, website ratings or wearable devices. Continue reading »

AbbVie Wins Bidding War but looses

ar132761516213089POST SUMMARY: Pharmacyclics, the publicly traded cancer drug company is being sold to AbbVie for $21 billion. The amount stunned Wall Street, pushed aside one of the giants of the pharmaceutical sector, Johnson & Johnson, and set off a debate about whether AbbVie had paid too much.  In fact, they did pay too much. Continue reading »

Digital health: an oxymoron?

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: When it comes to managing your health no digital tool, app, website, is going to replace the knowledge and skill of your doctor.  It’s therefore essential that physicians learn to reach out to patients and treat the whole person at a time when our health care system is in the midst of a new era. Continue reading »

Statistics on mobile health mean little

Unknown-1“Nobody has figured out how to make consumers — patients — care about mobile health technologies. “And if we don’t [figure that out], m-health will be another tech bubble”. Dr. Joseph Kvedar, director of the Center for Connected Health. Continue reading »

OMG! Yet another ePharma conference….

UnknownSighas I sit here and read the Tweets from ePharma I am once again reminded why pharma is lagging in digital marketing. I mean to say WebMD is the number one health portal on the web?  Come-on everyone should know that, but what they also should know is that very few people go to WebMD and use that information for treatment decisions. Continue reading »

Did Google just make health information on pharma websites obsolete?

logo11wPOST SUMMARY: Google searches for certain medical conditions will now bring up typical symptoms and treatments, along with details about how common the condition is. All answers are compiled, curated, and reviewed by a team of medical doctors at Google and the Mayo Clinic, using a combination of clinical knowledge and high-quality medical sources across the Internet. Continue reading »