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Drug prices out of control?

KEY TAKEAWAY:  A new survey from Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs shows that twenty-five percent of Americans who regularly take a prescription drug say they now pay more out of pocket than they did 12 months ago for at least one of those medications.  It’s just a matter of time before Congress takes action, but is the drug industry ready? Continue reading

Why DTC spending will decrease in 2017

ooopsKEY TAKEAWAY: The biggest reason for the projected “flat spending” in DTD advertising is due to the simple fact that there  aren’t going to be and new products that are intended to be targeted towards big audiences.  Drugs in development are specialty drugs and as thus they will require targeted marketing to reach their audience. Continue reading

Empathy does not include a hefty paycheck

February-Legal-RoundupKEY TAKEAWAY: Median pay for healthcare and pharmaceutical executives amounted to $14.5 million in 2015, higher than for leaders in any other sector , according to Equilar, a California firm that researches and analyzes executive compensation. Median compensation for all CEOs in the study, which looked at pay packages of 341 executives at S&P 500 companies across multiple sectors in 2015, was $10.8 million. The increase in healthcare executive pay from 2014 to 2015 was also greater than in other sectors. Healthcare CEO pay rose 7 percent last year over the amount in 2014, while the comparable median pay increase for all industries was 4.5 percent. Continue reading