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What do patients want from pharma?

Build-a-user-friendly-website-with-TimeZ-MarketingPOST SUMMARY: Believe it or not patients do want to hear from pharma brands via digital channels, but patient expectations have to be in line with product websites or else they are turning elsewhere to make health care decisions. Continue reading »

Science vs. marketing?

guidelinesPOST SUMMARY: Researchers find that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half receive at least two prescriptions, but why medications are prescribed should not be determined by pharma pressure on medical/scientific guidelines. Continue reading »

It’s 2015! What’s new in healthcare marketing?

2015 healthcare marketingPOST SUMMARY: While few would dispute that the pace of innovation has picked up, the outlook varies from one company to another — and many appear to be relying more on mergers and acquisitions than homegrown R&D to deliver new products. A record $250bn worth of deals was struck in 2014, and bankers and executives predict more this year as companies tap plentiful cash and cheap credit. But, eventually there won’t be as many companies to purchase and once again the focus is going to turn on marketing to meet sales goals. Continue reading »

Pharma knows you better than you think

imYLDb8xkhyoPOST SUMMARY: Drugmakers and Internet companies are quietly joining forces to link U.S. pharmacy records with online accounts to target ads to people based on their health conditions and the prescription drugs they buy but what do patients have to say? Continue reading »

Joining a small biotech? Warning!

06.17.11-4-Most-Common-Career-Mistakes-FeaturedJim was excited to join a small biotech company.  He really enjoyed working in pharma, but his growth and progress had been limited at his current employer so when he offered a new job as a Director for a biotech company he packed up his family and moved cross country.   Continue reading »

Size matters:Online ads

screenshot_103POST SUMMARY: A small number of publishers are serving most of the non-viewable impressions. 56.1% of all impressions measured are not seen, but the average publisher viewability is 50.2%. Continue reading »

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