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Who are the 3 types of social patients?


screenshot_1802A small number of 42 social patients across four disease states Fibromyalgia, hemophilia, MS, and asthma were studied by the New Solutions Factory. Most questions were open-ended, which allowed respondents to elaborate but the results are very interesting…
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Health misinformation

miinfoPOST SUMMARY: In an era where people don’t trust the mainstream media and get their new via the Internet everyone with a computer is a journalist. Unfortunately, there are too many people spreading misinformation and that misinformation is aimed directly at drug companies. Continue reading »

On all these pharma conferences..

opinionPOST SUMMARY: A guest post, last week, on the digital pharma conference led to a lot of comments with very strong opinions on both sides.  The author sent me the post on condition that he would remain anonymous because his company does not allow employees to write articles without first going through a maze of approvals.  However, he does raise some very good points. Continue reading »

Highlights from Comscore Pharma study

comdscore report Those who access health content are also doing so using more than just PCs. In April 2013, 35 percent of visitors used mobile devices to consume health information. A year later, almost half of health information-seekers used mobile devices to consume health content. This uptick in mobile usage suggests two things: an increased reliance in managing one’s health issues on-the-go, and an increase in tablet usage at home instead of the PC.  For those using mobile devices out-of-home to manage health issues, uses included understanding symptoms, treating a condition, or achieving one’s health goals. Comscore’s research indicates more specifically that on-the-go mobile users seek health information at doctor’s offices and while waiting for prescription refills at the pharmacy. Continue reading »

Is big pharma being defined by external forces?

who is big pharmaPOST SUMMARY: Big pharma companies continue to be defined by a myriad of external sources from Congress, questioning high drug prices, to seemingly unorthodox behavior like putting profits over patient safety as in the Boehringer Ingelheim Pradaxa case.  However, biotech companies like Biogen continue to develop and market new drugs by tossing out the big pharma business models and focusing on patients. Continue reading »

IMS Report highlights challenges of pharma

imsreportThe IMS Institute of Health Informatics released a report today called “riding the technology wave in life sciences” and there are some troubling findings.  Among one of their key findings “despite abundant and growing amounts of data being generated and accessed by life sciences companies, analytic systems designed to interpret and create actionable insights have not kept pace.” Continue reading »

What makes a great DTC marketer ?

visionToday having a great vision of where your marketing needs to go is not enough.  You also need to be a great salesperson so you can sell your organization on where you want  to go and get them excited about reaching todays web savvy patients and consumers. Continue reading »

Happy Holidays

victorian-christmasMay we never forget that a lot of people are having a good holiday because of the prescription drugs and medical devices that allow them to lead better lives.


MedAdNews stops publication

MedAd News is going to cease publication effective December 31st of this year.  This is a loss for the industry that is very much at a crossroads of marketing to patient, consumers and health care professionals.  Ed Silverman, the author of Pharmalot, will especially be missed as his voice and stories added insight to the complex and changing world of healthcare marketing.  We need people like Ed, John Mack and others to be the conscious of our industry and remind everyone that developing good products is good medicine which in turn means good business.  I shall miss the publication very much.

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