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10 Truths about prescription drug websites

UnknownManhattan Research and Comscore will both tell you that there is a lift in conversion for people who visit a prescription drug website.  However what research also communicates is that consumers will go us a number of online health websites to gather all the information they need to either make healthcare treatment decisions or help them as caregivers to better understand chronic health conditions.  If you look at the evolution of most websites however you’re more than likely to see that these sites have changed little over the last decade.  Here are 10 “truths” around prescription drug websites… Continue reading

Biggest misconception about pharma websites

perception misconceptionKEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma marketers should not be concerned about the number of visitors to their site.  The key metric is how long are visitors staying on your site, bounce rate and how many are converting to customers.  Very few people are going to ask their doctor for/about your product via your website alone.  Continue reading

DTC marketing differs from consumer marketing

Fork-in-the-road-roadsign-division-diverge-two-ways-largeKEY TAKEAWAY: Across all demographic segments TV ads are ranked second in purchase decision influences, but that is not true when it comes to prescription drug ads.  DTC marketers need to ask “what action is my audience going to take as a result of becoming aware of my product” and focus on tactics that engage the audience and get them into their doctor.  Continue reading