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Patient Insights: Opportunities for pharma (MS)

insights_ideasPOST SUMMARY: Patient insights provide valuable opportunities for pharma marketers to get closer to their customers (patients) but only if DTC marketers are listening and act quickly to provide tools and health information that drive patient needs and brand objectives. Continue reading »

Global biopharma digital marketing

global pharma digitalPOST SUMMARY: Implementing a global digital marketing strategy for OUS affiliates can be challenging, but today digital marketers need to think about where patients, outside the US, are going for health information and how they are making decisions.  Here are some steps to implement a global biopharma digital marketing strategy… Continue reading »

DTC Marketers: Your content just became a lot more important

pandaPOST SUMMARY: Google officially rolled out Panda 4.0 in May of this year.  Panda 4′s unofficial mission is to penalize the regular use of duplicate content, especially syndicated content brought in via feeds, scraping or other automatic processes.  Google will no longer tolerate websites that publish content without adding value or that publish lots of “thin content” for purposes of SEO enhancement. It means that DTC marketers need to focus a lot more on content that adds value to users. Continue reading »

To do digital right, you need a budget

rightPOST SUMMARY: Digital marketing is not less expensive than offline marketing, in fact, if you’re going to do it right, you need to have the budget dollars for things like research and usability testing.  With tighter budgets can biopharma organizations really get digital marketing right? Continue reading »

Stop with sensationalist medicine headlines

snakeoil553Headlines pull clicks and clicks drive revenue  but today the media’s lack of detail as to what the headlines mean for the average health seeker can cause more damage than inform and educate.  It seems every week we read a headline about a new superfood or better way to stay healthy but unless these studies are backed by good clinical science and supported  in large by the medical community they just might as be tabloid headlines. Continue reading »

No shortcuts to a great patient website

noshortcutsPOST SUMMARY: The Internet is critical to pharmaceutical and medical device treatment choices for patients.  There are no shortcuts to creating a great online patient website yet too many DTC marketers are still focusing too many resources on TV. Continue reading »

Google rolls out Panda: Implications for health websites

google pandaPOST SUMMARY: Panda 4.0 was official released May 20th. It is designed to push down thin or low-quality content sites in the search results. It is still too early to see what is happening. Based on the data that is coming out at this point, Panda 4.0 looks to be a major algorithm update and NOT a simple data refresh. Continue reading »

Is anyone reading your health content?

dont have time contentPOST SUMMARY: Understanding how people read on the web and search for information can directly influence how we design our webpages and websites. The truth is, people are going to skim and scan all the content you’ve written, looking for something that catches their attention or matches the reason they’re visiting your website in the first place. This is a key reason why drug website content should be written by someone who both understands your audience’s needs and can talk to them in a “conversation” style. Continue reading »

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