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Health information online

How consumers search for health information online

Image-Disease-Health-Keys-ID-10094991There is a lot of data on the numbers of people who search for online health information but what seems to be missing is a clearer picture of how many websites people go to for health information and why they go to so many websites.  Last summer I led some qualitative research for a biotech company to answer those questions. Continue reading »

Will biopharma ever lead in digital marketing?

GetImageKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital leadership means taking risks to help patients chose health care treatments, but biopharma’s processes often prevent risk taking at a time when patient’s have more health care treatments and informational resources to help them chose treatments. Continue reading »

Is DTC marketing still relevant?

ListenKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC marketing has to evolve beyond TV spots and a product website to be effective because patients have too many treatment choices and aren’t scheduling appointments with doctors just to ask for an Rx. Continue reading »

Online ads becoming less effective

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: According the Columbia Journalism Review some 47 percent of US internet users now utilize ad blocking software. Consumers are, the study says, annoyed with “advertising and the interruption it causes to their reading experience.” Focus group participants seemed to particularly hate ads that surfaced based on browsing history. As one woman put it, “Online ads are obtrusive, obnoxious, annoying.” Continue reading »

Pharma and social media: A qualitative look

analysis social mediaKEY TAKEAWAY: Analysis of two social media accounts, Twitter and Pinterest, show that the majority of followers were either industry people (media, agencies) and that patent followers were not engaging with the pharma brand. However levels of engagement vary by condition. Continue reading »

Online communities can be an effective channel for health

cancer_patients_thrive_onlineAccording the Journal of Medical Internet Research “Online communities can be an effective channel for caregivers, especially women, to seek and offer information required for managing clubfoot-related uncertainty. To enhance communication with parents, health care institutions may need to invest additional resources in user-friendly online information sources and online interactions with caregivers of children with special illnesses such as clubfoot. Furthermore, explorations of information-seeking and information-provision behaviors in online communities can provide valuable data for interdisciplinary health research and practice.”  So why are pharma marketers continuing to ignore the needs of online health seekers ? Continue reading »