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Health information online

Ignoring digital insights

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Biopharma DTC marketers should be using digital analytics to identify insights and optimize their marketing, but lack of staff and understanding is leading to wasted opportunities.  Continue reading »

Access to online services increases, but not enough

UnknownDoctors’ offices are clearly enhancing patients’ opportunities to interact with the offices online. Since 2012, the number of patients who say their doctor offers a particular online communication service has increased across the board. Most notably, one quarter (25%, up from 17% in 2012) of patients now indicate they have online access to their medical record,  including doctor visits, prescriptions, test results and history. Email access to doctors has grown as well, from just 12% of patients indicating they had access in 2012 to one in five (19%) today. Continue reading »

WebMD Sale: Implications for DTC marketers

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The correlation between traffic for a healthcare site and ROI is proving more elusive as consumers spend more time debating various treatment options yet drugmakers continue down a path of “build it and they will come”.  Think of the journey to treatment rather than just a digital component. Continue reading »

Millennials as consumers of healthcare

r-MILLENNIALS-STRESS-large570It is estimated that there are between 72-80 million in the demographic segment known as Millennials.  They are digital natives that grew up with the Internet and they are more likely to shop for healthcare and switch providers if they don’t like what their healthcare providers. They are also influenced by reputation and advertising, but they will fact check health products.   Continue reading »

A dramatic shift in DTC marketing?

screenshot_64KEY TAKEAWAY: The distance between “awareness” of a health condition/new prescription drug and actually requesting an Rx for that product is increasing due to low trust in pharma, the ACA and insurers who are dictating which treatments are reimbursed. Continue reading »

Help Wanted? Not in eMarketing

imagesKEY THOUGHT: While some pharma companies are laying off people other, smaller biotech companies are on a hiring binge, especially for experienced pharma marketers.  However, the area in which pharma needs the most help, digital marketing, is not being recruited. Continue reading »

Stating the obvious

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: According to research by Deloitte Consulting and the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), mobile apps published by pharma companies for physicians average just 100 to 5,000 installs in the Google Play store compared to 1m to 5m installs for apps targeting physicians published by third parties. Gee, ya think? Continue reading »

DTC 6 to 1ROI?

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: Whenever someone from an agency tells you that a DTC campaign generated an ROI of 6:1 my advice is to look hard at both how they calculated the ROI and how much their program actually contributed to the ROI of the ads. Continue reading »

28% have talked with a doctor about a drug they saw advertised

UnknownKEY SUMMARY: A large majority of Americans (82 percent) report seeing or hearing prescription drug advertisements, and 3 in 10 (28 percent) say they have talked with a doctor about the specific medicine they saw advertised. After talking to a doctor about a drug they saw, 15 percent of the public says the doctor recommended changes in their behavior or lifestyle, 14 percent say the doctor recommended a different prescription drug, 12 percent say they were given the drug they asked about, and 11 percent were instead recommended an over-the-counter option. Source: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll Continue reading »