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Health information online

Seniors also want online health

4e8351d59944d.imagePOST SUMMARY: Just as an estimated 3.9 million Americans are reaching 65 years old this year1, an Accenture survey shows there is growing demand among tech-savvy seniors (67 percent) who want to access healthcare services from home, but the majority (66 percent) are worried today’s technology isn’t sufficient to do so. Continue reading »

Putting it all together:What DTC marketers need to know

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: Good data, on how online health seekers get information and make healthcare decisions, is hard to get but both Comscore and Kelton/Makovsky has given us a pretty good road map on where to start.  Here ae some insights to help online health seekers engage your brand online and seriously consider your product as the answer to their problems. Continue reading »

Pharma websites irrelevant to online health seekers?

irrelevantPOST SUMMARY: According to Makovsky Health and Kelton Research just 8% of U.S. Internet users, ages 66 and older, cited pharmaceutical company websites—the lowest response rate across all age groups. Instead, seniors were more likely to turn to WebMD, cited by 48%.  Of the 80% of Americans willing to visit a Pharma-sponsored website, those 66 and older were more likely to visit the site if a healthcare professional recommended it (52%). Continue reading »

Stop saying “we can’t” when it comes to online communities

There are a lot of defeatists when it comes to DTC marketing exploring new opportunities.  My last post on why drug companies need online communities was met with “we can’t” and reasons why it won’t work but that is not an acceptable answer.  Stop saying “we can’t” and start asking “what’s best for our audience?” Continue reading »

To WebMD or not to WebMD?

screenshot_193POST SUMMARY: WebMD is the number one health portal on the Internet, but is it really required to consider WebMD as part of pharma marketers online media plans?  Not really. Continue reading »

Time to rethink drug websites

THINK Road SignPOST SUMMARY: Google graph for health is a game changer for online health and while it needs to be watched to determine its impact on websites DTC digital marketers should start to optimize their websites for both patients and ROI. Continue reading »

Did Google just make health information on pharma websites obsolete?

logo11wPOST SUMMARY: Google searches for certain medical conditions will now bring up typical symptoms and treatments, along with details about how common the condition is. All answers are compiled, curated, and reviewed by a team of medical doctors at Google and the Mayo Clinic, using a combination of clinical knowledge and high-quality medical sources across the Internet. Continue reading »