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Why I won’t be attending Digital Pharma East

noGUEST POST – I’m a Senior Director for a top pharmaceutical company here on the East Coast and manage 6 digital marketing people, but I am not going to attend the Digital Pharma East.  I would like to share the reasons and give you some pause as to whether you should go or use the time, and money, more wisely. Continue reading

A pharma insiders POV

guestpostI retired from a leading pharmaceutical company in 2012 as a Senior Vice President.  Like you I have been doing some consulting but this year I decided that most pharmaceutical clients were only interested in the business aspect of the products we market.  Somewhere along the way the industry, which I still care about dearly has lost its way and unless they get it back, I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot more downsizing. Continue reading

A patient’s voice

screenshot_1526My name is Amy.  I am 28 and was recently diagnosed with MS . I came across your website while conducting one of my many searches to learn about MS and I want to share my experience with your readers.  I believe that people who work within the industry like you can learn from people just like me.I am a 28 year old, single, professional woman. Last year when I started to have problems with my vision I was diagnosed with optic neuritis but I still didn’t feel like myself.  I had to go back to my doctor a number of times and request a referral to a neurologist. After a spinal tap it was confirmed that I had MS. Continue reading

The real reason big pharma is in trouble

pharmaguestpostThis is guest post was sent to me via email over the holidays.  I wasn’t sure if I should post this story but after going back and forth and debating it I thought it was something we all need to hear because any company is only as good as the people they employ.  Keep in mind that this is just one person experience.  My experience working at Lilly was one of the best career moves I ever made and Pfizer is rated as the top company people like to work for.   Continue reading

Working in big pharma

question_manMy name is Kevin and I have been working in drug company marketing for over fifteen years.  I sent this post to Rich with the stipulation that he not reveal my full name because I still am working for a drug company in a consumer marketing role.   The more I read about others experiences woking for a big company the more I really believe that the drug industry really doesn’t care about patients and looks at them as simply prospects to be sold.  I hear the chatter about being patient focused but Rich is right in that we can’t really do much of anything without a lot of meetings and showing a clear measurable return-on-spending. Continue reading

Ethical Issues in Pharmaceutical Sales

imagesIn the health care industry, pharmaceutical sales representatives play an important role. By educating physicians about their employers’ products and offering insights into new and emergent therapies, they help doctors provide quality care to their patients — and patients maintain good health.At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. But for years, pharmaceutical sales reps were seen less as educators and health care facilitators and more as salespeople, more concerned about meeting sales goals than ethical considerations. From giving doctors elaborate gifts and experiences to recommending off-label uses for drugs, the pharmaceutical industry had a reputation for playing fast and loose with ethics in the name of the sale — but that is changing. Continue reading