Focus on patients

Biopharma: Let’s get back to website basics

pharmabacktobasicsPOST SUMMARY: How do users read web content? They don’t.  The truth is, people are going to skim and scan all the lovely content you’ve written, looking for something (a keyword, a header perhaps?) that catches their attention or matches the reason they’re visiting your website in the first place.  Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold (meaning, the part of the webpage that’s visible when users first land there). Although users do scroll, they allocate only 20% of their attention below the fold.  Continue reading »

The skeptical health consumer

i-db2cb78fa4b128fad30b99188c007827-zebraPOST SUMMARY: According to the journal JAMA Internal Medicine fully 37% of those surveyed endorsed the belief that the Food and Drug Administration, under pressure from pharmaceutical companies, is suppressing natural cures for cancer and other diseases, and 31% said they “neither agree nor disagree” with that idea, the researchers found. In addition, one in five said they agreed that physicians and the government “still want to vaccinate children, even though they know these vaccines cause autism and other psychological disorders.” Pharma has a long long way to go to earn the trust of skeptical health consumers. Continue reading »

Caregivers need help

MotherDaughtercaregiversPOST SUMMARY:  Despite the awareness of caregiver roles, and the support services now available, the attention paid to caregivers is severely lacking. In fact, a report published in JAMA finds that many physicians overlook caregiver burden all together. This represents a significant opportunity for biopharma companies to treat the whole patient. Continue reading »

Serious illness not enough to get patients to change lifestyle

wellnesswomAfter a serious illness, lifestyle changes often have the potential to dramatically improve a person’s overall health and quality of life. In fact, lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and physical activity strongly influence how rapidly many diseases will progress.  Amazingly, people who have already suffered heart trouble, diabetes or other lifestyle-related illnesses —people who intimately know the consequences of their behaviors — often have an especially hard time turning things around.  At least 40% of smokers who survive a heart attack are still puffing away a year later. Continue reading »

The new business model of healthcare-Is pharma left out?

aetnaceoAetna CEO Bertolini outlined the ‘Creative Destruction’ Of Healthcare At HIMSS14 and it looks like pharma marketers may be left out.  He went on to say ““healthcare premiums are growing at four-times the rate of inflation. Currently today – through both premium sharing and benefit costs – employees are paying 41% of the healthcare dollar. If the trend line continues over the next 3-5 years – employees will be paying more than 50%.”  His idea to fix this problem is creative destruction and pharma marketers are not in the equation. Continue reading »

Health now ranked as the top global consumer concern

wellnesswomAccording to Nielsen, in terms of consumer priorities, health and wellness are closer to the heart than they were a couple of years ago, with health now ranking as the top global consumer concern after the economy An array of factors support the trend, ranging from demographic shifts, government changes, and fluctuating health costs and insurance.  In other words, there is an opportunity for healthcare marketers if the can stop selling and start providing great content. Continue reading »