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Focus on patients

What do patients want from their doctor?

consumer-healthcare-exchange_chealth-blogKEY TAKEAWAY: As consumers of healthcare, patients want more from their doctors and don’t really understand the need to make an appointment to get prescription renewals.  There may be an opportunity for pharma to help patients engage their doctors online. Continue reading »

Why DTC marketing is no longer valid

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Marketing interventions from biopharm companies are not driving people to request medications for several reasons.  It’s time to move from marketing via interruption to helping people solve health problems. Continue reading »

Can DTC ads lead to action?

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Awareness of new healthcare treatments is not always enough to lead to action.  Pharma DTC marketers need to develop a decision tree and test possible calls to action to determine what will actually drive patients to ask about healthcare treatments. Continue reading »

Examples of going beyond the pill

screenshot_57KEY TAKEAWAY: Some DTC marketers are working with their agencies to add value to patients.  While the debate about the effectiveness of these campaigns can be robust what’s really important is that they are learning about how to go beyond the pill at a time when it’s en vogue to demonize pharma. Continue reading »

Symptom checker misconceptions

unnamedKEY TAKEAWAY: Symptom checkers are not meant to self diagnose users they are meant as both a first step to a discussion with a patient’s doctor and a “call to action” that a patient needs to schedule an appointment with a HCP. Continue reading »

Clinical trials: Is data enough?

doctors-social-mediaKEY TAKEAWAY: With so many new drugs being developed and updates on their efficacy being released the best way to reach prescribing physicians might be a mix of patient stories with clinical trial data. Continue reading »