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Focus on patients

Physicians’ biggest digital health concerns

images-2KEY TAKEAWAY: Doctors are not convinced that digital health can deliver on all of its promises. Among the concerns are being compensated for time emailing patients as well as patients being misdiagnosed via online consultations with doctors who aren’t aware of their medical history. Continue reading »

The real faces of high drug costs

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Biopharma can’t just read about high drug prices in media stories, employees need to get out and listen to patients talk about how it’s affecting their treatment choices and limiting the quality of life THEY want. Continue reading »

Research: Searching for online health information

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: There is still a lot of frustration in the search for online health information among all demographic segments.  While pharma sites were seen as adding some value the majority of users still felt the need to search deeper to get both more information and views of current treatment options available. Continue reading »

Where does DTC marketing go from here?

screenshot_289KEY TAKEAWAY: How can DTC marketing evolve and stay relevant in a rapidly changing healthcare environment? The answer may be to make DTC marketing more personalized and targeted.  Focus more on helping people get on and stay on therapy which in turn can lead to a better overall ROI. Continue reading »

The digital health canard

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital health is part of the overall health experience, but to believe that patients are going to use digital health to circumvent their physician is not founded in reality. Continue reading »

What do patients want?

ListenKEY TAKEAWAY: There are two things that today’s patients’ want in health care; empathy and to be heard.  Pharma has to find a way to take a more empathetic approach to DTC marketing if we want our efforts to be effective. Continue reading »

Pharma and social media: A qualitative look

analysis social mediaKEY TAKEAWAY: Analysis of two social media accounts, Twitter and Pinterest, show that the majority of followers were either industry people (media, agencies) and that patent followers were not engaging with the pharma brand. However levels of engagement vary by condition. Continue reading »