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Focus on patients

A dramatic shift in DTC marketing?

screenshot_64KEY TAKEAWAY: The distance between “awareness” of a health condition/new prescription drug and actually requesting an Rx for that product is increasing due to low trust in pharma, the ACA and insurers who are dictating which treatments are reimbursed. Continue reading »

Mapping the patient journey

customer-journey-to-online-purchase_tools_smKEY IDEA: DTC marketers can improve their marketing by thinking like patients and mapping the patient journey from “awareness” thru “requesting an Rx”. It should be done, not only for new patient, but for every segment within your audience. Continue reading »

Can ROI coexist with patient needs?

UnknownROI, that dreaded word, is killing DTC marketing .  I say that because no DTC campaign is going to directly drive patients into their doctor to ask for an Rx.  There are too many barriers to overcome and not enough DTC marketing campaigns that focus on multichannel. Continue reading »

28% have talked with a doctor about a drug they saw advertised

UnknownKEY SUMMARY: A large majority of Americans (82 percent) report seeing or hearing prescription drug advertisements, and 3 in 10 (28 percent) say they have talked with a doctor about the specific medicine they saw advertised. After talking to a doctor about a drug they saw, 15 percent of the public says the doctor recommended changes in their behavior or lifestyle, 14 percent say the doctor recommended a different prescription drug, 12 percent say they were given the drug they asked about, and 11 percent were instead recommended an over-the-counter option. Source: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll Continue reading »

Developing a pharma website…

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The first step in developing a pharma website is to ask “who is our audience?” and “what our objectives?”.  Yet, too many pharma websites remain in the past and try to sell patients who are consumers of healthcare. Continue reading »

The biggest threat to healthcare

obesityKEY TAKEAWAY: The biggest threat to healthcare is NOT high drug prices but, rather obesity.  Unless further government action is taken, the global obesity rate will rise another 4% by 2025, according to a new report from the World Obesity Federation. Continue reading »

Pharma website usability

Unknown-1KEY TAKEAWAY: The most important element in any website development is “usability studies”.  Without asking your target audience how they like your website you are trying to find a pin in a dark room. Continue reading »