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Patient Insights: Opportunities for pharma (MS)

insights_ideasPOST SUMMARY: Patient insights provide valuable opportunities for pharma marketers to get closer to their customers (patients) but only if DTC marketers are listening and act quickly to provide tools and health information that drive patient needs and brand objectives. Continue reading »

Why are DTC marketers ignoring email?

emailpharmqaPOST SUMMARY: Using email to communicate health information to patients can impact brand and business objectives but the key to effective email communication is to ensure relevant communication with each patient segment in and outside of the healthcare transaction model. Continue reading »

Patient insight essential for digital marketing

pharma business as usualPOST SUMMARY: It’s essential for pharma digital marketers to have and in depth understanding of patients including, why they chose our product, what barriers are needed to overcome to stay on therapy and how can we provide them with help and support to stay on therapy. Continue reading »

Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care Research Findings

Atrium SurveyAlthough the vast majority of consumers want to be involved in health care decisions, many typically let the doctor take charge of the visit. About three in five consumers either ask a few questions or wait for the doctor to lead the discussion and tell them what they should do. Conversely, 41% arrive with a prepared list of questions and make sure that they get the answers they need. Seven out of 10 consumers will accept a doctor’s recommendation despite having their own doubts.
Continue reading »

What do patients want in healthcare?

want healthcarePOST SUMMARY: With all the changes to healthcare over the last couple of years someone forgot to ask patients what they want and need to help them take charge of their health.  Here are some research finding from over three years of continuously querying patients with their needs. Continue reading »

What is the role of social media in healthcare?

twitterhealthPOST SUMMARY: While social media is moving quickly through the “hype” line it can serve as an important source of information from people who are researching health information online.  In the latest research update we found that people are in fact relying on social media for information, but there is a lot of “trust but verify”.  The key finding is that although patients still trust their doctors they want a better relationship with physicians and they want more face to face time. Continue reading »

Thinking beyond just patients

imagescaregiversnetworkPOST SUMMARY:  According to Pew Internet people living with chronic conditions are more likely than other adults to tap into every health information resource available to them, online and offline. When asked to think about the last time they had a serious health issue and to whom they turned for help: 81% of all adults living with one or more chronic conditions got information, care, or support from a doctor or other health care professional, 65% of all adults living with one or more chronic conditions got information or support from friends and family and27% of all adults living with one or more chronic conditions got information or support from others who have the same health condition.  DTC marketers have to think about the entire brand experience and beyond the patient. Continue reading »

Is anyone reading your health content?

dont have time contentPOST SUMMARY: Understanding how people read on the web and search for information can directly influence how we design our webpages and websites. The truth is, people are going to skim and scan all the content you’ve written, looking for something that catches their attention or matches the reason they’re visiting your website in the first place. This is a key reason why drug website content should be written by someone who both understands your audience’s needs and can talk to them in a “conversation” style. Continue reading »

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