Most surprising findings in pharma research

opinion-bubble-stick-people-ygromvKEY TAKEAWAY: Patients and HCP’s are being left behind by changes in our healthcare system and they are turning, in bigger numbers, to the Internet for answers.  Some pharma companies are trying to cut through the clutter to actually help patients, as opposed to selling them, but that isn’t enough for most. Continue reading “Most surprising findings in pharma research”

What do cancer patients need from Oncologists

Dr__Patient1_bedisde_-_landscapeKEY TAKEAWAY: There are more cancer drugs in development than any other therapeutic area, but cancer patients, and caregivers, needs are largely going unmet when it comes to the physician-patient relationship. Cancer patients want a relationship that focuses on open communication and helps them understand the therapies they are receiving. Continue reading “What do cancer patients need from Oncologists”