Focus on patients

Time for DTC marketers to get to work

its timePOST SUMMARY: Consumers don’t trust big pharma, but hey are going online in bigger numbers to get health information.  If we want to be part of the conversation we need to EARN their trust one patient at a time.  It’s not going to be easy, but we need to fight for patients at every meeting and within every online digital interaction. Continue reading »

DTC marketers: Your search budget just went up

making-customers-hate-you-makes-google-love-you-300x219POST SUMMARY: Google said that AdWords will no longer allow advertisers to prevent their ads from showing up on “close variants” of their keywords — i.e., ads will, by default, show up on both the advertiser’s keywords and on close spellings. If you bid on the singular version of a keyword, it might also show on the plural version and you can no longer tell Google you don’t want that. Your ads might also show on misspellings and other “close variants” of your keywords.  In other words you need to purchase spelling variants of your product and disease state for paid search. Continue reading »

DTC: Is social media really an option?

optionPOST SUMMARY:  I just received the preliminary findings from some qual research that was conducted this weekend in four cities within the US. The objective of the research was to determine if current patients, those taking at least one Rx for a health condition, were interested in engaging a pharma company on social media. Continue reading »

Why patients need relationships with HCP’s

rw-bwPOST SUMMARY: Two years ago, suicide became the leading cause of death by injury in America, surpassing car accidents for the first time. And the major reason for that change was a cohort shift: Men and women between the ages of 35 and 64 are increasingly committing suicide. The latest addition to these statistics is Robin Williams.  At a time when new platforms are emerging to see a doctor via computer or smartphone, we are reminded that physicians need to treat the whole person and that patients should develop a relationship with their doctors based on trust and understanding. Continue reading »

Patient Insights: Opportunities for pharma (MS)

insights_ideasPOST SUMMARY: Patient insights provide valuable opportunities for pharma marketers to get closer to their customers (patients) but only if DTC marketers are listening and act quickly to provide tools and health information that drive patient needs and brand objectives. Continue reading »

Why are DTC marketers ignoring email?

emailpharmqaPOST SUMMARY: Using email to communicate health information to patients can impact brand and business objectives but the key to effective email communication is to ensure relevant communication with each patient segment in and outside of the healthcare transaction model. Continue reading »

Patient insight essential for digital marketing

pharma business as usualPOST SUMMARY: It’s essential for pharma digital marketers to have and in depth understanding of patients including, why they chose our product, what barriers are needed to overcome to stay on therapy and how can we provide them with help and support to stay on therapy. Continue reading »

Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care Research Findings

Atrium SurveyAlthough the vast majority of consumers want to be involved in health care decisions, many typically let the doctor take charge of the visit. About three in five consumers either ask a few questions or wait for the doctor to lead the discussion and tell them what they should do. Conversely, 41% arrive with a prepared list of questions and make sure that they get the answers they need. Seven out of 10 consumers will accept a doctor’s recommendation despite having their own doubts.
Continue reading »

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