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Will we ever see great, breakthrough DTC?

Someday_20564KEY TAKEAWAY: Great ads start with a focus on the target audience, but they take the concept of advertising one step further.  They aren’t afraid to “break the mold” of ads to create action on the part of consumers.  While the pharma industry has no shortage of self proclaimed ad awards patients are making DTC ads more and more irrelevant.  Continue reading

Proposed ban on DTC ads is not about patients

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Ed Silverman reported that a US representative has introduced a bill calling for a three-year moratorium on advertising newly approved prescription drugs directly to consumers, reasoning that such a freeze would prevent consumers from receiving inaccurate information and also hold down health care costs. This proposed ban is not about what’s best for healthcare, it’s about punishing drug companies for high prices. Continue reading

DTC TV ads show just how bad agencies really are

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY:  Some viewers of the Super Bowl said pharma ads addressing not-so-pleasant bodily functions during Sunday’s broadcast missed the mark.  What missed the mark, however, was not the placement of the ads but the creative execution, which, although I’m sure was tested to the Nth degree, just didn’t make “common sense”. Continue reading