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Number one driver of virtual health: convenience

KEY TAKEAWAY: Consumers interested in virtual health represent a significant share of the total US population—68 percent of respondents under age 65 said they were somewhat or very interested in receiving healthcare virtually. These respondents include millennials and baby boomers, many of whom are also caring for the health and other needs of both children and aging parents. Continue reading

Accenture: Pharma has no content strategy

KEY TAKEAWAY: Life sciences companies are producing a massive amount of digital content—and it is growing, but lack of a content strategy and objectives puts growing investment and dollars at risk. Only 4% in med tech and 11% in pharma/biotech report they have a clearly documented content strategy that meets their current and future needs (compared to 42% across all industries). Continue reading

Why pharma and digital may be a doomed relationship

Online advertisers are starting to wonder what exactly they are paying for?  In theory, digital marketing is “vastly more efficient” than conventional advertising, because online ads on social media or websites can be tightly targeted at specific audiences. But while more ad dollars will be spent online than on TV for the first time this year, some advertisers “smell a rat.” About 70 percent of marketing executives say they’re dissatisfied with the state of digital marketing , according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Continue reading