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Dear Senator Sanders..

I have read your ideas on controlling costs in our health care system and I agree that too many executives are making too much money while patients often have to chose between a treatment and putting food on the table.  However sir, even if by some magical spell all prescription drugs were free, the cost of health care would still be rising and a lot of it is the direct result of American lifestyles. Continue reading

If health care is a “right, than personal responsibility is a must

KEY TAKEAWAY: As the debate around a single payer health care initiative continues to rage on more and more people are saying that health care is a “right”.  But where does the personal responsibility of taking care of ourselves fall within this “right”?   One-third of American adults and one in six children are now obese, although an annual report released Thursday by two nonprofit groups found that rates could be stabilizing. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders asks “tell me about your experiences with Universal Health Care”

KEY TAKEAWAY: Sen Sanders asked social media users to tell him about their experiences with universal health care and Twitter had so many posts it was hard to keep up.  As drug makers continue to please Wall Street at the expense of patients Universal Health Care could become a reality. Continue reading

Healthcare is broken

KEY TAKEAWAY:Health care is one of the largest costs for people in retirement.  Fidelity annually estimates what a 65-year old couple, retiring in the current year, will need to cover health care and medical expenses throughout retirement. The 2017 estimate is $275,000, a six percent increase over last year’s estimate of $260,000. Continue reading

Amgen fights for its new cholesterol drug

KEY TAKEAWAY: A study in JAMA found  “a Markov cohort state-transition model determined that adding evolocumab at current list price to patients receiving standard background therapy was estimated to cost $268 637 per quality-adjusted life-year gained. Sensitivity and scenario analyses demonstrated incremental cost-effectiveness ratios ranging from $100 193 to $488 642 per quality-adjusted life-year.” Will this be enough to sway insurers to say “ok”? Continue reading