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Cost of healthcare in the U.S.

Patients get caught in the middle of pricing

UnknowninsurerKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC marketing is meant to drive new Rx’s but insurers are having a bigger say about which drugs patients get.  Can the drug industry make peace with insurers or is it going to be a battle of war between profits, Wall Street and patients. Continue reading »

Pharma their own worst enemy

imagesKEY POINTS: Worldwide spending on cancer medicines reached $100 billion in 2014, an increase of 10.3 percent from 2013 and up from $75 billion five years earlier, according to IMS Health’s Global Oncology Trend Report.  Drugmakers worried about a backlash over soaring drug prices are increasingly talking with insurers ahead of time about paying for new therapies that could cost six figures a year. 14 drugs cost the federal government and Medicare beneficiaries more than $1 billion each, accounting for nearly a quarter of Medicare prescription drug spending in 2013.
Continue reading »

Runaway drug prices

GP-costs-savings-620x400POST SUMMARY: New polling finds public is concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs.  Pharma has found a away to keep investors happy with more drugs coming off patent, but is this model sustainable? Continue reading »

Is it time for big pharma to get serious about adherence ?

Patients who adhere to their medication regi- mens enjoy better health outcomes and make less use of urgent care and inpatient hospital services, compared to patients with similar medi- cal conditions who are not adherent. Yet average medication compliance rates in developed countries of just 50 percent.  With so many drugs coming off patent is it time for pharma to really tackle adherence ? Continue reading »

Can drug spending keep growing?

screenshot_254POST SUMMARY: According to IMS, spending on medicines rose 13.1% on a nominal basis – and 10.3% on a real per capita basis – driven by innovation, higher levels of price increases and lower patent expiry impact. Will pharma continue this trend and is this a green light for more expensive drugs? Continue reading »

Biosimilars poised to make dent in branded Rx sales

bg_biosimilarPOST SUMMARY: Biosimilars are possible thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the law’s promise to bring cheaper versions of expensive biotech drugs to the U.S. market.  The biosimilar of Neupogen will save the U.S. health system more than $5.5 billion over the next decade, assuming a “conservative discount of 30 percent off the current brand price,” Express Scripts said Continue reading »

End the myths around DTC marketing

mythsEnough of myths, lies and propaganda that direct to consumer advertising drives consumers to ask for medications they don’t need and want.  In fact, DTC advertising educates, informs and helps patients choose the right treatments for their health needs. Continue reading »