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Cost of healthcare in the U.S.

Why pharma stocks took a beating yesterday

UnknownAccording to Fortune “the stock market was up on Thursday, but you wouldn’t know it if you were a health care investor. Pharmaceutical and biotech stocks were pummeled, diverging from the broader market for the first time in recent days.The weird part: There was no relevant news or obvious reason for the slump”. No obvious reasons????? Continue reading »

Drug makers to consumers “who cares what you think”

screenshot_355KEY TAKEAWAY: The drug companies could care less about consumers and patients.  Want proof? Look no further than the dismissal of patient concerns at a meeting in San Francisco when one executive said “Gregg Alton, the executive vice president for corporate and medical affairs, joked that he goes running. Then his tone turned serious as he talked about research, innovation, and the value of life-saving new drugs. “I sleep quite well,” he concluded. Continue reading »

Dear AMA: You’re wrong about DTC marketing

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The American Medical Association today called for a ban on direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs, with physicians suggesting that TV and magazine ads could be contributing to the rising cost of expensive treatments however, they are wrong and need to look at the facts.
Continue reading »

Pharma CEO’s: Loyal to Wall Street first?

UnknownKEY IDEA: Shareholders vs. patients, who is more important?  One pharma CEO is leaving no doubt that shareholders come first and has raised prices to appease the Street.  Can CEO’s really balance patient needs with shareholder expectations? Continue reading »

The biggest threat to healthcare

obesityKEY TAKEAWAY: The biggest threat to healthcare is NOT high drug prices but, rather obesity.  Unless further government action is taken, the global obesity rate will rise another 4% by 2025, according to a new report from the World Obesity Federation. Continue reading »

The media’s ignorance on healthcare costs

UnknownKEY THOUGHT: Even if all prescription drugs were free health care costs would continue to climb because of unhealthy lifestyles.  About half of American adults have either diabetes or prediabetes, a new study says and the cost of that alone could send healthcare costs into orbit. However, the media is too focused on the cost of prescription drugs. Continue reading »

Bernie Sanders attacks pharma

Row of Medication of Shelf

KEY TAKEAWAY: Drug prices, and big pharma, are going to be squarely in the crosshairs of big pharma in the next general election. He echoes the sentiments of a lot of the American Public and you can bet that insurers, as well as politicians, are going to do something about it to win votes. Continue reading »

Oncology pipeline huge, but costly

oncology-drugs-250x250KEY TAKEAWAY: The oncology drug pipeline is far larger than any other therapy area across the pharmaceutical industry, with 6,484 products in active development across all indications, but 90% of these drugs will not make it into Phase III clinical trials. Continue reading »