Will we ever see great, breakthrough DTC?

Someday_20564KEY TAKEAWAY: Great ads start with a focus on the target audience, but they take the concept of advertising one step further.  They aren’t afraid to “break the mold” of ads to create action on the part of consumers.  While the pharma industry has no shortage of self proclaimed ad awards patients are making DTC ads more and more irrelevant.  Continue reading “Will we ever see great, breakthrough DTC?”

How should DTC marketers feel about what they do?

imagesKEY IDEA: Despite the calls to end DTC marketing and the media demonization of the pharma industry DTC marketers should be proud that DTC ads are educating and informing consumerized patients to learn more about potential health problems and treatment options. Continue reading “How should DTC marketers feel about what they do?”

Biggest misconception about pharma websites

perception misconceptionKEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma marketers should not be concerned about the number of visitors to their site.  The key metric is how long are visitors staying on your site, bounce rate and how many are converting to customers.  Very few people are going to ask their doctor for/about your product via your website alone.  Continue reading “Biggest misconception about pharma websites”