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Contrarians POV

What do patients want?

ListenKEY TAKEAWAY: There are two things that today’s patients’ want in health care; empathy and to be heard.  Pharma has to find a way to take a more empathetic approach to DTC marketing if we want our efforts to be effective. Continue reading »

What is the objective of DTC marketing?

business_objectivesPOST SUMMARY: DTC marketing’s objective, in the past, was to drive new Rx’s.  Marketers ran commercials and patients went into their doctor to request the product or get a sample, but today the environment in which we market is more complex and filled with a lot of noise.  So how do DTC marketers cut through to ensure their marketing is still relevant? Continue reading »

Entering a new era in DTC marketing

ID-100124225OK, I get it.  DTC marketers have to show ROI to get budgets from bean counter who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing but that approach is going to lead to a decline in DTC marketing effectiveness. Continue reading »