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Contrarians POV

False promise of helping patients

npr_drug_inflation_wide-899d7bf8e68346556a3f1ca3fe3a96acbb87de01-s1400-c85KEY TAKEAWAY: If employees of Biopharma companies really want to help patients they can do so by ensuring that everyone who needs their drugs gets them regardless of cost, not by riding in a bicycle event. Continue reading »

Where does DTC marketing go from here?

screenshot_289KEY TAKEAWAY: How can DTC marketing evolve and stay relevant in a rapidly changing healthcare environment? The answer may be to make DTC marketing more personalized and targeted.  Focus more on helping people get on and stay on therapy which in turn can lead to a better overall ROI. Continue reading »

To my readers…

images-2I have received a lot of email from readers who are asking why the change in my support of the pharmaceutical industry?  I want to take a moment to explain why I have started to really question whether the industry cares about customers or just profit. Continue reading »

Trust: The missing ingredient in DTC marketing

screenshot_277KEY TAKEAWAY: For most pharma products trust is an essential element of DTC marketing that seems to be largely ignored.  Breakthrough therapies will always find a market, but for the vast majority of other drugs pharma is going to have to earn the trust of a skeptical public. Continue reading »

The digital health canard

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital health is part of the overall health experience, but to believe that patients are going to use digital health to circumvent their physician is not founded in reality. Continue reading »

What do patients want?

ListenKEY TAKEAWAY: There are two things that today’s patients’ want in health care; empathy and to be heard.  Pharma has to find a way to take a more empathetic approach to DTC marketing if we want our efforts to be effective. Continue reading »