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Why a prescription medication can cost $1000 per pill

cost of HepcPOST SUMMARY: What is a “fair price” for a medication and who should decide the cost to our healthcare system?  Drug prices are once again coming under scrutiny even though they only account for 10-12% of every healthcare dollar spent. The question comes down to this “are healthcare companies public companies functioning within a capitalist environment or are price controls going to be instituted thus limiting costs and revenues?” Continue reading »

A pharma marketers take on $9 billion judgement

actos judgementPOST SUMMARY: The $9 billion judgement against Lilly & Takeda on possible links with cancer and Actos stunned both legal teams.  I don’t believe this judgement will stand but underneath all the testimony is a key lesson for the pharma industry: transparency around clinical trial data is essential and consumers are angry at any “big business” and will gladly take out their anger via huge awards. Continue reading »

World of DTC Marketing hits 70,000 readers

thankuAfter reviewing my web analytics I found that between the RSS feed, LinkedIn, and direct traffic world of DTC Marketing has hit 70,000 readers a month.  I can’t say thank you enough but I want to also let you know of some exciting changes coming. Continue reading »

Digital health: statistics vs. reality

The-Bottom-LineLast week I published a link to 51 digital health metrics in 2013.  The post had a lot of great stats but statistics without insights mean very little.  Over the past 3 years I have reviewed a lot of data and sat in a lot of market research to better understand how people are using the Internet for health.  It’s essential to understand the drivers of digital health so, as marketers, we can better provide patient/consumers with the information they need to make better health choices.  Here is a list of what I learned… Continue reading »

DTC marketers addicted to TV ?

the_obvious_escapes_manyPost Summary: TV, when used strategically as part of an integrated marketing approach, can generate awareness with target audiences but today generating awareness is often not enough to get people into their doctor to ask about your product.  There isn’t one approach that can work across all brands and health conditions but one could argue that what is needed is an integrated approach beyond TV to get consumers to take action. Continue reading »

Thoughts on current pharma agency model

brokenagencyZoey Dunn asks, via an article in Medical Marketing & Media “Is the current agency model a joke?”.  She raises some very valid points as someone who has worked in an agency but I wanted to give a view from the client side as I have both worked with multiple agencies on major product launches and on behalf of brands.  One thing is for certain though, the current agency model, not only in pharma but in consumer packaged goods as well, is broken. Continue reading »

Healthcare in the US: Patient’s in a game of pong

patientspongI hope readers to this blog never ever have to go into the hospital for treatment of a serious injury, but if you do have an Internet connection so you can research treatment options and be ready to spend significant time battling the forces that control healthcare to get what you want.On July 1st I had a bicycle accident that resulted in a dislocated shoulder and broken humerus.  Even though I spent 3.5 days at one of the best hospitals in the country, Mass General, I still find myself trying to understand the extent of my injury. Continue reading »

The most important quality for a DTC marketer

CommunityCenteredHealthIt’s Friday before the unofficial start of summer via the July 4th holiday and right now a lot of people are planning vacation time.  It might seem to readers of this BLOG that I am always critical of drug makers marketing but it’s only because I understand that today’s patient is often getting lost in a world of healthcare that seems devoid of treating patients like people.  What we do, if we really believe in our product, is too damn important not to at least try day in and day out to push the limits of how we market to consumers.  We need to be more empathetic and less focused on spreadsheets and Power Point presentations. Continue reading »

Is digital marketing the answer for DTC advertising ?

jpgA 2013 study of 100,000 adults surveyed between 2001 and 2007 found that men and women who had more exposure to direct-to-consumer advertising for statin drugs were 16 to 22 percent more likely to receive a diagnosis of high cholesterol — and were also more likely to be prescribed statins.  In fact despite the rise of the Internet TV ads are the single most important source of information on new products, cited by one quarter (25%) of respondents in a study from Nielsen.  So is pharma making a mistake by allocating more money to digital marketing ?   Continue reading »

10 Principles that pharma must take to heart

2921335-MAs a recent headline in Forbes said “even when pharma does good things they still take heat”.  The reasons for this are because trust is not earned by saying something or even doing something good; it is earned over time via consistent actions that makes people take notice.  In my opinion too many pharma companies have not learned that people have a way of getting to the real truth via the Internet and anyone with an Internet connection is today’s journalist.  Here are 1o principles that pharma needs to live by everyday to earn back the trust of consumers and physicians. Continue reading »