Cancer patients needs online

cpatientKEY TAKEAWAY: Cancer patients, and caregivers, have specific needs when they turn to Dr Internet.  They trust other patients and want insights that aren’t often provided at the point of care.

Here are some top findings from our research with cancer patients and caregivers:

1ne: They want to be able to search treatments by type of cancer.

2wo: When it comes to treatment options, drugs, they want to know what it is, how it works, how it’s administered and the most COMMON side effects.


3hree: They want to have the ability to engage other patients and caregivers to share information on, not only what to expect, but also what to do and not to do when undergoing therapy.

4our: They would also welcome online chat’s with other patients as well as doctors.


5ive: They would subscribe to text alerts on updates for certain medications.

6ix: Want images of real cancer patients and survivors that give them hope.

They don’t want to have to register on the site and they don’t want the drug industry or insurers “spying” on them when they’re online.  There seem to be a number of sites that have some of these wants, but very few that encompass them all.

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