So can biopharma leverage social media health?

doctorbird-250x250Over the last couple of days I’ve shared some information and data on how patients use social media for health.   Today I would like to share some examples of possible social media interactions with patients.

First, it’s important to understand that at its heart social media is a conversation between groups of people.  It is therefore essential to listen first and not use social media to broadcast. Consumers find that highly annoying.  You want to be part of the conversation in a meaningful way.

According to the 2011Rodale DTC Study consumers say social media is all about medical conditions and treatments.



As far as acceptable posts from pharma companies, the Rodale Study says the following

dtcpharmasocialHowever, I have been mining social media posts on Twitter for some clients around MS and find that there are more questions/comments in which biopharma could join the conversation.  Here are some examples..


Twitter User (Mary): I have MS but MS does not have me.  I am making one of my favorite recipes. It’s a lot of work, but I won’t give in.

MS _Brand: That’ a great attitude Mary and we’ll share it within our company as we continue to try and learn more about MS. Can we share your recipe?


Twitter User (Peter): Do people at drug companies really understand what it’s like to have MS ?  Some of the drug side effects are worse than the disease ?

MS_Brand: Peter, we hear you and in fact spend a great deal of time listening to patients through research and HCP’s.  We are working on new treatments and remember not everyone experiences the side effects listed here HTTP://bit.987


Twitter User (Dan): My wife was just diagnosed with MS.  Where can I get some information on what to expect ?

MS_Brand: Dan, we are sorry to hear that.  For a list of some resources on living with MS there is some great information here..


Twitter_User (Pam) My MS medication is so expensive. I’m not sure I can afford it.

MS_Brand: Pam. We would be happy to offer you some assistance with the cost of your medication.  Please let us know how to contact you or go here

Now these are just basic examples but in order to use social media effectively you need to listen and be empathetic around users needs and wants.  Is there some risk? Of course there is but isn’t helping patients worth it ?



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