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Passionate, award-winning Marketing and Media Executive with an MBA and 15+ years success implementing cutting-edge strategies. Career highlights include driving development/launch of a groundbreaking e-Marketing branding initiative for Eli Lilly product Cialis that led to Website becoming #1 online pharma destination (and #1 in prescription conversions), increasing leads 30% and ROI 38% for $1B manufacturer Medtronic

It’s time to put patients first

We-care-about-YOUToo many people spend their whole career’s caring far too much about offending people, worrying if they cool enough for them, or asking themselves if they are judging me.  There comes a point in time when you can’t take it anymore because it’s stupid, and it’s not good for patients who are too damn important to ignore. At some companies it has made some DTC marketers  a punching bag–  a flighty, nervous wuss. But worse than that, it has made me some marketers who don’t take a stand for anything even though they it’s what’s best for patients. It has made too many people who stand in the middle for fear of alienating others. Moving forward you need to be able to say  “No more. Not today. ” Continue reading

Why is Genentech’s MS therapy CRM offline?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Enroll in the Genentech patient assistance (co-pay) for Ocrevus and you’re going to receive, via Fed-X, a booklet welcoming you to therapy. While I’m sure there is a marketing manager at Genentech that’s proud of this effort this CRM program could have been done online to provide better resources. Continue reading