Richard Meyer

Can drug spending keep growing?

screenshot_254POST SUMMARY: According to IMS, spending on medicines rose 13.1% on a nominal basis – and 10.3% on a real per capita basis – driven by innovation, higher levels of price increases and lower patent expiry impact. Will pharma continue this trend and is this a green light for more expensive drugs? Continue reading »

Recycled pharma people

irrelevant-GOPPOST SUMMARY: The recycled pharma employees are not the best and brightest within our industry, they tend to be the people who are good at “gaming the political environment within organizations”. Continue reading »

IT: Hinderance or help for drug marketers ?

According to Manhattan Research “Physician tablet adoption for professional purposes almost doubled since 2011, reaching  62 percent in 2012, with the iPad being the dominant platform. Furthermore, one-half of tablet-owning physicians have used their device at the point-of-care.”  This is a great opportunity for drug companies to reach physicians but they shouldn’t be limited by restrictions placed on them by IT departments. Continue reading »

Seniors also want online health

4e8351d59944d.imagePOST SUMMARY: Just as an estimated 3.9 million Americans are reaching 65 years old this year1, an Accenture survey shows there is growing demand among tech-savvy seniors (67 percent) who want to access healthcare services from home, but the majority (66 percent) are worried today’s technology isn’t sufficient to do so. Continue reading »

Only 37% of physicians said they had recommended a mobile app

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: In a 2014 poll by QuantiaMD, only 37% of physicians surveyed said that they had recommended a mobile app to their patients. In another QuantiaMD poll, 42% of physicians said they would not recommend a mobile health app to patients because there was no regulatory oversight (though the new FDA guidance should help with this). In addition, another 37% percent had no idea what mobile health apps are out there. Continue reading »

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