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Passionate, award-winning Marketing and Media Executive with an MBA and 15+ years success implementing cutting-edge strategies. Career highlights include driving development/launch of a groundbreaking e-Marketing branding initiative for Eli Lilly product Cialis that led to Website becoming #1 online pharma destination (and #1 in prescription conversions), increasing leads 30% and ROI 38% for $1B manufacturer Medtronic

Dear Senator Sanders..

I have read your ideas on controlling costs in our health care system and I agree that too many executives are making too much money while patients often have to chose between a treatment and putting food on the table.  However sir, even if by some magical spell all prescription drugs were free, the cost of health care would still be rising and a lot of it is the direct result of American lifestyles. Continue reading

How pharma can embrace digital

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Pharma has to do a lot more to lead in digital marketing than hiring outside executives to lead the charge. To stay competitive, businesses need to adopt a team-based organizational model wherein employees can easily move between different projects and effectively shares information easily both internally and with customers.  Can they do this without causing a nervous breakdown of their legal and regulatory teams? Continue reading