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Richard Meyer

THE biggest challenge facing DTC marketing

UnknownKEY THOUGHT: The pharma industry cannot thrive and innovate unless they recruit and hold onto talented people.  Nowhere is this more true than in DTC marketing which continues on a downward spiral to the point that even marketers from other industries are asking “what is wrong with pharma?”. Continue reading »

Insurers and FDA killed inhaled insulin?

BN-MN300_afrezz_J_20160209113135KEY TAKEAWAY: The FDA and health insurers combined to ensure that Afrezza, the inhaled insulin, would not be a successful product despite the fact that some patients really liked the product and used social media to spread the word about its advantages. Continue reading »

The ROI of patient empathy

empathyKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC is meant, at its basic objective, to get patients to ask for and fill a prescription for your product but today that’s not enough. Pharma needs to think beyond “marketing” and be more empathetic to patients who become lost in a world where healthcare is in transition. Continue reading »

Why layoffs are a bad idea for big pharma

images4I’m not sure that any other industry has been hit as hard when it comes to layoffs as the drug industry.  Since 2000, the pharmaceutical industry has cut 297,650 jobs, according to consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. For reference, that is about as many people as currently work at the three largest drug makers — Pfizer, Merck, and GlaxoSmithKline — combined.  In my opinion layoffs may be good for the balance sheet in the short term, but strategically they leave the drug industry with a void in talented people.  I’m not sure if the drug industry can ever recover from such a heavy handed tactic. Continue reading »

Ignoring digital insights

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Biopharma DTC marketers should be using digital analytics to identify insights and optimize their marketing, but lack of staff and understanding is leading to wasted opportunities.  Continue reading »

Why pharma stocks took a beating yesterday

UnknownAccording to Fortune “the stock market was up on Thursday, but you wouldn’t know it if you were a health care investor. Pharmaceutical and biotech stocks were pummeled, diverging from the broader market for the first time in recent days.The weird part: There was no relevant news or obvious reason for the slump”. No obvious reasons????? Continue reading »