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Richard Meyer

Bernie Sanders attacks pharma

Row of Medication of Shelf

KEY TAKEAWAY: Drug prices, and big pharma, are going to be squarely in the crosshairs of big pharma in the next general election. He echoes the sentiments of a lot of the American Public and you can bet that insurers, as well as politicians, are going to do something about it to win votes. Continue reading »

What do patients want from their doctor?

consumer-healthcare-exchange_chealth-blogKEY TAKEAWAY: As consumers of healthcare, patients want more from their doctors and don’t really understand the need to make an appointment to get prescription renewals.  There may be an opportunity for pharma to help patients engage their doctors online. Continue reading »

Why DTC marketing is no longer valid

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Marketing interventions from biopharm companies are not driving people to request medications for several reasons.  It’s time to move from marketing via interruption to helping people solve health problems. Continue reading »

How consumers search for health information online

Image-Disease-Health-Keys-ID-10094991There is a lot of data on the numbers of people who search for online health information but what seems to be missing is a clearer picture of how many websites people go to for health information and why they go to so many websites.  Last summer I led some qualitative research for a biotech company to answer those questions. Continue reading »

Do you need a Global eMarketing Group?

InsightKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital marketing is healthcare is becoming more important all over the globe.  To ensure that your brand has a “global” online presence digital marketers need to provide OUS affiliates with tools to easily manage websites. Continue reading »

Drug prices: Out of control?

CRO_Health_Pricey_Drugs_08-15KEY TAKEAWAY: With renewed discussion of the high cost of prescription drugs recently, the August Kaiser Health Tracking poll finds that most Americans feel that drug costs are unreasonable (72 percent) and that drug companies put profits before people (74 percent). A lot of this has to do with misconceptions and some bad decisions but there is hope.  The public largely values the role prescription drug companies play, with most (62 percent) saying that prescription drugs developed in the past two decades have made the lives of people in the U.S. better. Continue reading »

Patient Insights: Which insights are actionable?

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC marketers can quickly be buried in patient insight data, but deciding which insights are actionable can be a challenge.  It’s essential that marketers establish processes to quantify patient insights so that they can be leveraged into opportunities. Continue reading »