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Richard Meyer

Novartis goes “beyond the pill”

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: At $12.50 per patient a day, Entresto carries a substantially higher price tag than the older drugs, which cost less than a dollar a dose.  However, Novartis is deploying digital tools to prove to insurers that their drug has better outcomes which, in turn, leads to lower long-term health care costs. Continue reading »

Pharma cannot afford to ignore social media

KEY TAKEAWAY: As more patients go online social media IS a part of the conversation. What we don’t really know is how much social media weighs in the healthcare treatment choices patients make but at this point in time biopharma cannot continue to ignore this channel.  Continue reading »

Biogen’s Growing Pains

falling-graphKEY TAKEAWAY: Your company’s stock price bears little correlation to success in today’s complex healthcare marketplace.  You still have to execute and have the right mix of talent to ensure that you understand what’s needed to succeed beyond financial statements. Continue reading »

Patients, shareholders take aim at Vertex

Bad NewsKEY TAKEAWAY: Vertex, who is based in downtown Boston, got the kind of headlines that pharma has been trying to avoid.  Three stories, talk about the high price of their new CF drug and the urges shareholders to reject compensation packages for senior executives.

Continue reading »

Symptom checker misconceptions

unnamedKEY TAKEAWAY: Symptom checkers are not meant to self diagnose users they are meant as both a first step to a discussion with a patient’s doctor and a “call to action” that a patient needs to schedule an appointment with a HCP. Continue reading »

Clinical trials: Is data enough?

doctors-social-mediaKEY TAKEAWAY: With so many new drugs being developed and updates on their efficacy being released the best way to reach prescribing physicians might be a mix of patient stories with clinical trial data. Continue reading »