A few thoughts on the ePharma conference

images-1As I read the Tweets from the ePharma conference I am once again reminded that even with the monumental changes taking place within healthcare marketing most pharma marketing and organizations are stuck in the past.  Some of the points being made are good ones but they should be known by everyone attending the conference and they are not eye opening.  Perhaps hearing from more patients on how the internet helped them make healthcare decisions and become empowered patients would help but we still have a hell of mountain to climb if we are going to make DTC marketing relevant again.

The biggest challenge to pharma marketing is the pharma organization itself.  That has been said over and over in White Papers yet very little has changed.  Legal and regulatory people still have a stranglehold on marketers and consumers are moving on with very little input from pharma marketers.  Yet here is a pharma conference again with some of the same-old same-old insights.  You can could take the Tweets from last year’s pharma conference and string them together and you would not be able to tell the difference.


Here’s an idea; rather than present insights that should be known by everyone how having someone get up who can motivate the audience to take action and challenge the status quo ?  How about some success stories of people who challenged the organization and were successful in launching great DTC eMarketing initiatives ?

Conferences like ePharma do serve a purpose it just seems to me that purpose is to enrich the sponsors of the conference rather than an open and honest debate about the lack of talent and the maze that has become big pharma.  Too bad because everyday more and more consumers are moving on to other online initiatives to make healthcare decisions.


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