THE biggest challenge in pharma digital marketing

UMH-Digital-Marketing-Panel-Discussion-With-Industry-ExpertsDTC advertising is down 22%, a lot of drugs are coming off patent and consumers are using the internet in record numbers for health according to my report for eMarketer.  While the ePharma conference meets a lot of very good people know what has to be done but are the right people there to make it happen ?  The biggest challenge may not be launching a digital marketing initiative it maybe just convincing management that they need to invest in digital marketing NOW. Continue reading “THE biggest challenge in pharma digital marketing”

Trends in healthcare that marketers need to be aware of

Change ahead isolated signHealthcare is the midst of a radical change maybe the understatement of all time.  Whether healthcare marketers are prepared for and embrace the changes is another story but there are a wealth of opportunities if they are willing to lead instead of waiting to see what happens.  Here are some key trends in healthcare marketing that we all need to be aware of… Continue reading “Trends in healthcare that marketers need to be aware of”