Why DTC marketing has declined 22%

According to a new report from Cegeaim Strategic Data DTC promotional spending declined 22% versus last year. In fact they reported that “spending in nearly every channel saw decline year over year in 2012, the only exception being direct mail, which continued an upward trend.  Here are the reasons why I expect DTC marketing to continue to decline in 2013.. Continue reading “Why DTC marketing has declined 22%”

We sell cancer drugs, we don’t need a patient website

cancer_patients_thrive_onlineMore and more I am finding that patients who face with a dizzying amount of treatment options when it comes to fighting cancer that they are often forced to look at other websites because patient friendly cancer drug websites don’t exist.  If makers of cancer drugs think that patients don’t want to know about their cancer treatments and have a lot of questions they are fooling themselves and they are ignoring the very patients they want to serve. Continue reading “We sell cancer drugs, we don’t need a patient website”