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Month: February 2013

The cause of Type 2 diabetes revealed

imagesAccording to Mark Bittman, an Opinion columnist and the Times magazine’s food columnist, a study published in the Feb. 27 issue of the journal PLoS One links increased consumption of sugar with increased rates of diabetes by examining the data on sugar availability and the rate of diabetes in 175 countries over the past decade. And after accounting for many other factors, the researchers found that increased sugar in a population’s food supply was linked to higher diabetes rates independent of rates of obesity.  In other words, according to this study, obesity doesn’t cause diabetes: sugar does. Continue reading »

The FDA weighs in on social media in a warning way

imagesThe FDA issued a warning letter to a supplement company because they liked a Facebook page that has off-label claims.  Is this a warning shot fired at social media by the FDA ?  Hard to say the social media marketing guidance has long been overdue from the FDA and even if they did issue social media marketing guidelines there is a very good chance they would be outdated the day they were issued.  This is another reason for pharma to avoid social media instead of going where patients are having conversations.
Continue reading »

DTC Marketing is becoming obsolete

imgresI don’t need any charts to tell me that DTC marketing is becoming less effective, all I have to do is watch the national news to see the decline in TV ads for prescription drugs.  I spend a lot of time networking with industry people and again and again I hear the question “why is this happening?”. One only needs to look at the challenges facing big pharma to understand but I would also argue that another reason is the lack of talent within DTC marketing.  Marketers just don’t know how effectively manage smaller budgets to product great results. Continue reading »

Pharma still not spending enough on digital

Image-Disease-Health-Keys-ID-10094991At first the stat looks impressive; pharma is among the leaders in percentage increases in digital spending but when you look at how much they are spending on interactive they are near the bottom of the list.  While most CPG marketers have been experimenting with social media and spending more money on digital most pharma companies are still stuck in the dark ages and spend marketing dollars on marketing that is ignored by consumers. Continue reading »

Patient engagement key for healthcare systems

docusingipadIn a recent study, 77 percent of physicians believed patients understood their diagnosis, but only 57 percent of patients could correctly state their diagnosis. Limited or poor communication channels between patients and providers also can inhibit full plan adherence and prevent timely identification of preventable complications. Continue reading »

Testosterone therapy has risks

images-1From the Boston Globe comes this story; Testosterone commercials promise renewed energy and libido but whether men should get tested and treated for “low-T” — as drug company ads call it — remains controversial because of unknown risks of long-term testosterone therapy and hints that it could cause life-threatening health problems in older men who tend to have the lowest levels. Continue reading »

Prescription drug prices increasing again

article-new_ehow_images_a06_cp_l0_understanding-deductible-maximum-out_of_pocket-co_pays-800x800According to USA Today: Prescription drug prices are taking off again as other health care costs are flat or falling.  After dropping during the recession, drug prices have reignited in the past four years, returning to growth rates of a decade ago. In 2012, prescription drug prices rose 3.6%, twice the 1.7% inflation rate, Bureau of Economic Analysis data show. Continue reading »

Ways Physicians Can Control the First Page of Google

Seeing-a-Doctor-OnlineGoogle is the most common way current and prospective patients find more information about your practice. Do you know what’s in the first page of your search results? Research shows that less than 10 percent of searchers look beyond the first page, so it’s important to focus on your first-page presence. Continue reading »

Pharma is going to have to become a tech company

imagesIf the new about an Apple iWatch turns out to be reality healthcare marketers had better be ready because the healthcare applications are endless for device like this.   Imagine a watch reminding you to take your medicine or working with another medical device to record things like blood pressure and glucose levels.  It’s not that hard to imagine and it really opens the door to empower patients to take more control of their healthcare. Continue reading »