Why focusing on patients is the best DTC strategy

stopsellingpharmaPOST SUMMARY: Consumers today don’t want to be “sold”, they want credible, transparent health information to help them make healthcare decisions.  However, the online environment of health information is often confusing and hard to understand, which in turn means that consumers have to spend more time online trying to get their health questions answered.  There is a major opportunity for biopharma DTC marketers to make the leap from a website that “sells” to a website that provides answers. Continue reading »

Effective DTC campaigns lead to the web

effectivedtcPOST SUMMARY: With most pharma companies trying to balance budgets with the challenges of a new healthcare environment DTC marketers are being challenged to meet targeted KPI’s with less dollars.  This is putting more pressure on agencies to deliver metrics that matter, but we are also moving into an era of getting closer to patients/consumers/caregivers in order to help them make better healthcare decisions. Continue reading »

Pharma: Converting terrible manangers one at a time

imagesPOST SUMMARY: The era of pharma layoffs has led to a bad side effect:terrible managers. Terrible managers worry more about kissing up, being noticed, and getting ahead, than doing the right work at the right time, with the right people. Being politically savvy is certainly an important skill, but spending all your time and energy maneuvering to step over others and reach the next level makes you a lousy manager because what we do has a potential impact on hundreds, thousands of patients. Continue reading »

Pharma social media: forget ROI, focus on patients

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: While the pressure on pharma companies to maintain profit margins is high the industry needs a better focus on patients as consumers of healthcare.  Part of this focus should be using all the digital tools at their disposal to help consumers navigate the confusing world of empowered healthcare and make choices based on good, clear and easy-to-understand health information. Continue reading »

Why a prescription medication can cost $1000 per pill

cost of HepcPOST SUMMARY: What is a “fair price” for a medication and who should decide the cost to our healthcare system?  Drug prices are once again coming under scrutiny even though they only account for 10-12% of every healthcare dollar spent. The question comes down to this “are healthcare companies public companies functioning within a capitalist environment or are price controls going to be instituted thus limiting costs and revenues?” Continue reading »

The good people within pharma

good people pharmaPOST SUMMARY: My post last week on the Actos judgement generated quite a lot of debate over at LinkedIn.  While most agreed with my take on the judgement there were of course the people who believe that it’s just pharma’s way of doing business.  I can understand that perception with current litigation against brands like Pradaxa who seem to have put sales ahead of clinical trial transparency but there are a lot of very good, hard working people, within the industry and only when their voices are heard louder than those who look at the balance sheet will we ensure patients are always put first. Continue reading »

A pharma marketers take on $9 billion judgement

actos judgementPOST SUMMARY: The $9 billion judgement against Lilly & Takeda on possible links with cancer and Actos stunned both legal teams.  I don’t believe this judgement will stand but underneath all the testimony is a key lesson for the pharma industry: transparency around clinical trial data is essential and consumers are angry at any “big business” and will gladly take out their anger via huge awards. Continue reading »

2/3rd of physicians use mobile applications

screenshot_1700-resizedPOST SUMMARY: Physicians are not using the mobile web they are using apps as a tool like a stethoscope.  The number one reason that they are using apps is to determine medical interactions followed by diagnosing patients.   If marketers want to appeal to physicians they should focus on a message that benefits physicians. Continue reading »

Online health portals: WebMD vs..

how-to-listen-via-social-media-and-how-it-can-L-X2PuqVPOST SUMMARY: WebMD is the number one health portal with over 20 million visitors a month but should pharma marketers chase numbers or should they look at health portals with smaller audiences who can provide better ROI measurements? Continue reading »