Blaming big pharma for our poor health

According to “The United States will not be escaping the obesity epidemic crisis anytime soon: Nearly 40% of adults and 19% of youth are obese, the highest rate the country has ever seen in all adults, according to research released Friday by the National Center for Health Statistics”.  So who is responsible for telling patients to lose weight? Continue reading

“Well, we did something” California’s pharma pricing bill

Ed Silverman at Pharmalot conducted a very revealing interview with California state senator Ed Hernandez, the Democratic legislator who “shepherded the California pharma pricing bill.”

Ed gamely tries to pin down Senator Hernandez on how exactly the bill will make a positive difference. Senator Hernandez seems unable to articulate any particular mechanism of action. His perspective appears to be: “Well, we did SOMETHING.”  They did something because pharma companies have, for the most part, been ignoring the outrage over the high prices of drugs.

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