Sanofi Fires CEO: Key lessons

UnknownPOST SUMMARY: The chief executive of Sanofi, Christopher Viehbacher, was fired this week by the French drug maker, but although his performance as CEO was admirable the key reason for his ouster was both a failure to communicate and a clash of cultures. Continue reading »

Pharma CEO’s: R&D versus pleasing shareholders

pharmaceutical r&DPOST SUMMARY: When it comes to investing in R&D “Wall Street cares about the business model. We care less about changing the world,” said Laura Martin, an analyst with Needham & Company. Can the drug find the courage to invest more in R&D when it’s more about the balance sheet? Continue reading »

Emerging mHealth

screenshot_59Mobile healthcare (mHealth) is “the biggest technology breakthrough of our time [being used] to address our greatest national challenge”, said US Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius in her keynote address at the 2011 annual mHealth Summit in the Washington, DC area. Worldwide, the technology and its promise have moved up the healthcare agenda

Doctors are not technologists

102011code2In the past, when we bought new software, you would receive thick instruction books included with your purchase.  There was just one problem, users rarely read the manuals and only referred to them when they had questions.  So why would any company think that over 200 pages in update notes would be read by physicians and office staff who are time stressed? Continue reading »

Content and innovation for pharma marketers

Bright IdeaPOST SUMMARY: If you want to excel as an innovator in the future, don’t set out to copy and improve what someone else has already done. Focus on your audience and deliver a great online brand experience while answering their concerns about living with health conditions. Continue reading »

Patient portals essential for physicians

Doctor-Patient-RelationshipPOST SUMMARY: Nearly 40% of patients are unsure if their physician (PCP) has a patient portal and over half of patients report that their doctor did not follow up with them  after their appointment.  “What we have here is failure to communicate”. Continue reading »

It’s a multiple device world for doctors

whyPOST SUMMARY:Doctors are using multiple devices to connect to the Internet but each device is being used at different points in patient care and for different reasons. Marketers need to understand where doctors are using each device, and why before launching any HCP marketing initiatives. Continue reading »