Doctors continue to say “no” to pharma reps

doctors-failing-to-inform-patients-onlineKEY TAKEAWAY: According to AccessMonitor™, the number of “rep-accessible” physicians – that is, the number of physicians who meet with more than 70 percent of sales reps who attempt to meet with them — dropped to 44 percent from 46 percent in 2015. Digital can make up for a lost rep time, but only if you understand what physicians find valuable. Continue reading

Pharma bashing: Is it fair?

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: Negative pharma stories continue to be reported by the media as a handful of pharma executives continues to believe that their first responsibility is to shareholders not patients.  Social media are very much acting like an amplifier for distrust of pharma companies, but even though the volume will fade there are lessons to be learned. Continue reading

DTC Marketers need to acknowledge the voice of patients

photswitchKEY TAKEAWAY: “How did we get to this point that we have a culture like this in corporate America that wants to stick it to consumers?” said Rep. Lacy Clay at yesterday’s hearing om the EpiPen.  This sentiment echoes the anger of a lot of people towards the drug industry, yet the drug industry seems to ignore their voices and is carrying on like nothing has changed.

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