Drug companies are acting much like a cartel

drug costs oppsKEY TAKEAWAY: American medicine is heading into new terrain, a place where a year’s supply of drugs can come with a price tag that exceeds what an average family earns.  Pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts says last year more than half a million Americans racked up prescription drug bills exceeding $50,000. Continue reading »

10 tips for hiring pharma digital agencies

1681815-inline-inline-2-talent-rx-a-call-to-actionKEY TAKEAWAY: A good digital agency can provide great leadership in digital marketing, but a poor agency can drain resources and your budget. Finding the right digital agency is more about their understanding of “digital” and how well they can integrate with your team to provide brand driven results.
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What do patients want?

ListenKEY TAKEAWAY: There are two things that today’s patients’ want in health care; empathy and to be heard.  Pharma has to find a way to take a more empathetic approach to DTC marketing if we want our efforts to be effective. Continue reading »

Effective patient relationship management

KEY TAKEAWAY: Effective patient relationship management can be very effective in both recruiting new patients and compliance, but in order for it to really provide a good ROI you have to think of patient segments, a lot of patient segments. Continue reading »

We have to be the change we want to see

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: If DTC marketing is to evolve and help patients make informed and educated healthcare decisions the industry needs people who both have the courage and the drive to implement changes.  We have to get away from “the same old business” of marketing. Continue reading »

What’s the point of pharma conferences?

waste_timeKEY TAKEAWAY: Pharma conferences are not meant to “improve marketing, rather they are a forum for marketers to share their marginal accomplishments.  Over the course of the year there are a lot of pharma conferences that focus on marketing yet pharma marketing still is stuck in the past. Continue reading »

Cheap money leads to pharma M&A

one dollaKEY TAKEAWAY: GlaxoSmithKline’s chief executive has warned that cheap money has increased the risk of companies making “poor choices” in mergers and acquisitions and questioned the “stretched” valuations of recent pharmaceuticals deals.  More than $460bn of deals have been struck across the pharma and biotech sectors since the start of last year — the busiest period of M&A on record.  So what effect is this going to have on DTC marketing and drug marketing in general?  Cuts and more cuts. Continue reading »