The real faces of high drug costs

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Biopharma can’t just read about high drug prices in media stories, employees need to get out and listen to patients talk about how it’s affecting their treatment choices and limiting the quality of life THEY want. Continue reading »

False promise of helping patients

npr_drug_inflation_wide-899d7bf8e68346556a3f1ca3fe3a96acbb87de01-s1400-c85KEY TAKEAWAY: If employees of Biopharma companies really want to help patients they can do so by ensuring that everyone who needs their drugs gets them regardless of cost, not by riding in a bicycle event. Continue reading »

The Wild West of medical apps

iphonesymnavKEY TAKEAWAY: The majority of physicians are skeptical of health apps because they’re not sure if they record accurate data and if patients are using them correctly.  Pharma, if they want to develop apps, has to use the same processes to convince physicians that the apps are reliable. Continue reading »

Change starts with pharma CEO’s

KEY TAKEAWAY: If Biopharma is going to make headway in the changing health care environment a new kind of leader is needed.  These leaders have to have the vision of where bipoharma needs to go in 5, 10 years, but also has to have the courage to get them there.
Continue reading »

Research: Searching for online health information

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: There is still a lot of frustration in the search for online health information among all demographic segments.  While pharma sites were seen as adding some value the majority of users still felt the need to search deeper to get both more information and views of current treatment options available. Continue reading »

On high drug prices…

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: A report released this week during the largest gathering of biotechnology executives in the world found that pharmaceutical companies are more worried than they were a year ago about their ability to prevail in drug price negotiations. If the M&A frenzy among insurers continues drug companies could find out just how bad a strategy of high drug prices really is. Continue reading »

The worst day of listening to patients….

The_Worst_Day_Ever_by_Whinnie10It was perhaps my worst day in market research ever.  I listened to an MS patient, who is making $100,000 a year, tell us that she cannot afford the MS drug that works for her because her insurance won’t cover it and it cost $17,000 every month.  As I listened to her, she said she had a savings account with close to $40, ooo in it, but that it would soon be gone because the drug she needed.  She said the drug company said “they can’t help” because she makes too much money so her progressive MS symptoms will return.   Continue reading »

Disrupters not wanted in biopharma

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: The biopharma industry is in serious need of disruption, but if you’re a marketing disrupter you need not apply.  Biopharma wants people who fit in, can attend meetings all day and people who support the industry even when it screws up. Continue reading »

Where does DTC marketing go from here?

screenshot_289KEY TAKEAWAY: How can DTC marketing evolve and stay relevant in a rapidly changing healthcare environment? The answer may be to make DTC marketing more personalized and targeted.  Focus more on helping people get on and stay on therapy which in turn can lead to a better overall ROI. Continue reading »

To my readers…

images-2I have received a lot of email from readers who are asking why the change in my support of the pharmaceutical industry?  I want to take a moment to explain why I have started to really question whether the industry cares about customers or just profit. Continue reading »