A dramatic shift in DTC marketing?

screenshot_64KEY TAKEAWAY: The distance between “awareness” of a health condition/new prescription drug and actually requesting an Rx for that product is increasing due to low trust in pharma, the ACA and insurers who are dictating which treatments are reimbursed. Continue reading »

Dear AMA: You’re wrong about DTC marketing

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The American Medical Association today called for a ban on direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs, with physicians suggesting that TV and magazine ads could be contributing to the rising cost of expensive treatments however, they are wrong and need to look at the facts.
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Help Wanted? Not in eMarketing

imagesKEY THOUGHT: While some pharma companies are laying off people other, smaller biotech companies are on a hiring binge, especially for experienced pharma marketers.  However, the area in which pharma needs the most help, digital marketing, is not being recruited. Continue reading »

Digital pharma budgets take a hit

budget-cuts-ahead-art-a75c6f9199983095KEY TAKEAWAY: Digital marketing, to be effective, has to be done right as drugs are going through the approval process, but what I have found, recently, is that pharma digital marketing budgets are taking huge hits as pharma prepares for what could be a forced new business model. Continue reading »

Hire for passion

screenshot_76KEY THOUGHT: Don’t hire people who will “do the job”, hire people who will “do the job with passion” because what we do affects a lot of people and is too damn important to just say “good enough”. Continue reading »

Pharma layoffs hurt people

imagesNot too long ago I received an eMail from someone who worked in Marketing Operations here in Cambridge, MA requesting some help with a project.  Today when I attended a meeting to discuss the finalization of possible solutions I found that she, and two others from the team, were laid off.  I contacted her by eMail and she sent me the enclosed reply. I urge all to read it.. Continue reading »

Mapping the patient journey

customer-journey-to-online-purchase_tools_smKEY IDEA: DTC marketers can improve their marketing by thinking like patients and mapping the patient journey from “awareness” thru “requesting an Rx”. It should be done, not only for new patient, but for every segment within your audience. Continue reading »

Do doctors really prescribe because of drug company marketing ?

benefit_plan_geneva_ilIn case you have been in hibernation for the last couple of years trust between physicians and drug companies is, to say the least, strained.  Often physicians, when presented with clinical trial information from drug companies, go to the internet and colleagues to to ensure what drug reps are telling them is in fact true.  To suggest that physicians prescribe a product because of drug company marketing is, in most cases, just wrong. Continue reading »